work hard. play harder.

Passion, creativity, results, fun and lots of commitment: these are the Macron rules, this is the philosophy that unites Macron and sport. In short "work hard, play harder". Macron aims to produce for sport sharing passion, joy and commitment, which are aware of the essential clothing and accessories for all those who practice sport, amateur or professional either. The daily challenge of Macron is therefore to engage itself every day in order to meet the sport needs making sweat and hard work. The company supports its products and services with numerous teams across Europe. Today, in fact, more than 10.000 teams wear Macron thanks to the presence on the territory of a network of over 1300 dedicated stores. Macron looks always for new challenges and never stops growing on the Italian territory and especially all around the european continent. For these reasons, it is always looking for resources bright, flexible and motivated people who want to be part of his team. If you're ready, send your resume indicating the area of preference (sales, production, management, marketing, product development) to:


Macron is an international brand.

Macron is a European company. The head office is in Italy, in Bologna, with a production office in China, Tianjin. 135 is the number of people who work for Macron.

Macron tip on sport.

Macron is responsible for all activities related to the brand, from fabric production to sale to the final customer. The Macron collection counts 650 itemes. The teams Macron are 8,000. Macron is present in the territory through a network of over 1.300 specialist stores.

Macron research excellence.

Macron looks brilliant, motivated, dynamic. People ready for an international environment where every day you "train" to be always equal to the demands of the market.

Work Hard, Play Harder.

Passion, creativity, results, fun and lots of commitment: these are the rules that are common to the philosophy Macron athletes. In summary, "Work Hard, Play Harder."


"Working in Macron means striving every day to achieve excellence. People who start working with Macron will find a young and dynamic environment, where it is important to engage with passion by the rules and working as a team to always find the best solutions to meet the challenges of the market. The company is an international fast growing where it is essential to engage and be accountable for their activities to meet the needs of all our customers, from retailers to sports clubs. This is why we value and believe crucial aspect of resource selection. The qualities we look for are motivation, flexibility and the ability to achieve ambitious goals to create a winning team. " Gianluca Pavanello, CEO Macron


Macron Italian Company based in Crespellano (Bologna) is a European leader in the production of active sportswear. Macron operates in three main business areas: -teamwear- apparel and accessories for professional and amateur teams (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, handball, five a side football, running); -merchandising- official kits, free time apparel and accessories for the supporters of Macron’s Sponsored Clubs; -leisurewear- sports inspired apparel for those who want to wear Macron off the field. Macron owes its success to the quality of the products, to the high standard of service and to the ability of best interpreting the athletes needs.


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